Darren Cullen

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Cover of my new comic ‘BELOW’. A bleak sci-fi comedy about mankind’s first subterranean space station. 
You can pre-order it here: http://etsy.me/1tr2qH5
Launching at Safari Festival this Saturday in London where I’ll be doing a stall of my wares: 
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Just finished this comic about Gaza.
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Stay in bed people.Print: http://etsy.me/1wxAjpQ
T-shirt: http://spellingmistakescostlives.com/shop/
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I’ve always been obsessed by cross-section illustrations and the idea of dying in space so this was a perfect match. You can get this as a t-shirt or a print
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Batman trying to climb up a rope like an idiot.
If you’d like this on your wall I’m also doing this as a print to help fund my addiction to food.
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Just got sent this photo of staff at a post office in Honolulu wearing my Before/After t-shirts.
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This Saturday I’ll be at ELCAF with some comics on the Small Press Table. I’ll be pottering about trying not to buy everything and attempting to bump into living flesh-god Chris Ware, who designed all the delicious promo material which you can see on their website.
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Apply for a bouncy castle mortgage today!
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New drawing.
Print: http://etsy.me/1sZwOb1